The American Barber Resists Temptation at Prague Burger Bar Bejzment

Published on December 30, 2020 by

Prague 5 burger venue Bejzment is one of Prague’s most popular destinations for American cuisine – – and the organizer of the city’s annual Burgerfest.

Both of which can spell trouble for those trying to eat healthy.

The American Barber in Prague recently joined up with Projekt 90, a local fitness program that follows a strict regimen of exercise & nutrition (watch that episode here:

He’s been doing well, but here comes his first big test: an invite to sample the new menu at Bejzment and walk away with his dignity. Will he make it?

Up for the challenge? You can book a table a Bejzment yourself:

And find out more about Projekt 90 through their official website:

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