Entering week 3 for some, 4 for others, Anna and Kenny admit to starting to feel at least a little “closed in”. But worry not, Anna leads Kenny on some tips on both keeping busy, find time for you and finding some normality during Prague’s COVID19 state of emergency. Follow them both through “lock down” here. Did we miss something? Hit us up here. Other videos: CitySpy Prague on YouTube PragueTV on YouTube No related posts.Read more.

With restrictions on movement but for the essentials, Anna and Kenny Skype-up and go over the latest, what they’re doing to keep “safe and sane”, updates on restrictions to fight COVID19 and talk over the impact locally. Also, a word from our lady in Spain, who gives us the run down on restrictions in Spain via her blog. (Syndicated into CitySpy Prague’s news feed here: https://cz.cityspy.network/prague/author/jojwa/) No related posts.Read more.

Given the recent descending of COVID19 or the Corona Virus on the Czech Republic, we’ve had to change the format of the “Whats up Prague show and so Anna and Kenny jump on Skype and chat over the rules around “lockdown” and the impact locally in Prague & the wider Czech Republic and world. No related posts.Read more.