The International Choir of Prague is celebrating 10 years of existence this month, and to celebrate they’re holding a gala concert at Prague’s Municipal Library on April 30. Current members of the Choir, a diverse group of singers from around the world that specialize in uplifting pop, gospel, R&B, and soul, won’t be the only ones performing at the event. Dozens of former members who have sung with the choir throughout the past ten years will accompany the current lineup onstage. Two of the night’s biggest stars will be Geoff and Chreese Jones, of the Grammy Award-winning gospel group Sounds of Blackness. The concert will be held at Prague’s Municipal Library at Mariánské náměstí, just around the corner from Old TownRead more.

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So you’re a tourist visiting Prague for the first time, and you need to change money. The streets of the city center in the Czech capital are lined with exchange offices offering 0% commission, but perhaps you’ve heard that many are too-good-to-be-true, and specialize in exploiting tourists by offering less-than acceptable rates. You don’t know where to turn, but just as you’re down to deciding between two exchange offices across the street from one another, a shady individual walks up flashing a wad of cash from beneath his coat, and offers to give you a fair deal. This is Prague’s oldest scam in the books, and dates back to the 90’s when unscrupulous street traders would offer passing tourists excellentRead more.