If you’re like me, you hate shopping.  I don’t mean at the mall buying jeans or at IKEA, though for me those are also experiences I try to avoid as much as possible.  No, I mean grocery shopping.  It’s just such a time suck and you have to do it so frequently! As I’ve gotten older, I’ve tried (often unsuccessfully) to find ways to automate things that are annoying or pull focus from things I’d rather be doing and grocery shopping is one of those things.  Think about it:  Setting aside the kind of shopping where you pop into a Potraviny to grab a bottle of water or that Soy Sauce you forgot to pick up, you probably spend noRead more.

Living in a city with such excellent public transportation options often means that the average resident doesn’t own a car and, even if they do have one, they often only use it for trips out of town.  Another factor in deciding whether or not to own (or even rent) a car in the city is the availability of parking.  Prague, like many major metropolitan cities, has an abundance of lots where resident’s can pay to park for a monthly fee… but that fee is often nearly as high as the rents here and, if you live here, you know that’s super expensive. So what’s a resident to do? What if you have friends driving over from Germany or Austria? WhereRead more.

A friend of mine recently found out about a new place opening in Prague and shared the information on Facebook.  It was a bar – which isn’t really my thing – but what intrigued me was that it was also being advertised as a screening room.  Not a cinema, a screening room.  A hybrid space for film connoisseurs and taste-makers.  Prague is actually an excellent city for film lovers and, aside from the big-ticket cinemas like CineStar and Cinema City, there are a wealth of independent cinemas like Bio Oko and the new Edison Film Hub as well as summer pop-up cinemas (I recently posted about the summer cinema our friends at Žluté Lazné just wrapped for the season –Read more.