On a recent weekend trip out of the city, my Czech friend Adela and her husband Richard took my girlfriend and I for a visit to their family cottage in Slapy. It’s a beautiful area if you haven’t been, only about 40 minutes from the center. On the first day there we went to a nearby hotel that sits right on the river near the Slapy Reservoir. They have a little beach area there and you can swim or simply watch the locals floating past in their sailboats. Sitting there that day, watching the sailboats, a part of me yearned to be out on the water. I used to take my Uncle’s boat out as a kid in Northern CaliforniaRead more.

Right summertime is here, the temperatures are rising and as those who have been here for a while, it gets hot. Air conditioning-type devices sell out fast. Some take to the shade in the beer gardens, some to the boats of Naplavka and some to their village cottages to enjoy. A recent conversation with a friend had me thinking that in such fine (if hot!) weather, what else can we “transfer” to the outside. The conversation was prompted by him returning after a lunchtime gym session to the office. Walking out of an exercise sessions into the heat had him returning for his 2nd shower. My question to him, can you not exercise outside etc? You know running or cycling?Read more.

Are you closely following all the action of the hockey world championships? Still searching for the perfect spot to watch the games, enjoy some Czech beer, and maybe win a few prizes? Well, it’s not too late to cheer on your favorite team at the perfect beachside venue, Žluté lázně. It’s no secret why this Prague hotspot has become a favorite for locals and expats alike. From its beautiful beach to sports facilities and great restaurants, Žluté lázně offers more than just the perfect sound and picture for watching the championships. Two to three games will be shown nightly with the party continuing until late hours with a DJ and giveaways. You have until May 26 to grab your friends,Read more.