The Invisible Exhibition provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for people to trust themselves and their senses while viewing everyday life from a different perspective. Nature provides four senses for visitors: touch, hearing, scent, and balance, but not eyesight. Are you up for a challenge? The exhibition runs throughout December, making it a perfect activity for Christmas.  Invisible Exhibition: The Idea Behind It The idea behind the interactive exhibition is truly inspiring: live the life of a blind person for one hour. During this time, the participant will go around the dark room, test their senses of touch and smell, and try some daily activities.  “It is a unique interactive journey to an invisible world where, in total darkness, you find yourRead more.

The notion of electrical vehicles, known as EVs, is gaining superiority within the European Union, including the Czech Republic. Some people enjoy the benefits of electric cars, such as the environmental approach, while others prefer EVs for their distinctive looks and design offered by leading tech companies, including Tesla. Yet, you do not have to drive a Tesla to enjoy all its benefits.  In 2016, Tesla entered the market in the Czech Republic with a triumph, selling sixty-two cars in the first year of its operations. That was a spectacular success, and by June 2022, the company’s business operations had expanded. There were 1,100 cars sold, accompanied by a vast chain of fifty-two superchargers.  In other words, there is oneRead more.

Kampa Museum gathered the essential artworks of Barbora Blahutová and presented them from a brand-new perspective, in a new undiscovered light, at House and Sculpture exhibition.  House, as a muse of the installation, inspires the artist in all ways. From household elements such as milk jars to landscapes and human personas.  The exhibition runs at Kampa Museum from June 28, 2022, to October 20, 2022.  Barbora Blahutová’s biographical sketch Coming from South Bohemia, the place of vineyards and Slivovice, she has a pretty colorful, astonishing, and at the same time, challenging life.  The spike in her art career happened simultaneously with the roaring communist regime in the Czech Republic. At that time, it was still Czechoslovakia. The political power restricted herRead more.