Ice cream is the best remedy you could ever find for escaping the flaming temperatures that surround the capital of the Czech Republic. This weekend, on June 26, Ice Cream Fest will rock the grounds of the Exhibitions Hall (Výstaviště Praha) with its updated cultural program, full of unforgettable memories and lasting emotions.  Come and join us at the icy, fruity fest of the week!  Ice cream fest: juicy details  This is not the first time the ice cream festival has run the event. In fact, it is the eighth time of the fest, after two long and tiring years of the coronavirus pandemic, where we could not meet and greet each other at social events. That is also one ofRead more.

The sunny days in Prague bring perks that you could not enjoy to the fullest in the gloomy or cloudy weather. One of these activities is yoga—in the garden, on the rooftop, or in an open-air studio. Whatever you want, there are as many options as fish in the sea! We dug deeper into the yoga events happening this week (May 30 – June 5), and here are our favorites. Flow & Energy: Yoga at Kunsthalle Praha  Kunsthalle Praha is a modern art gallery that recently premiered with its roaring exhibition, 100 Years of Electricity. It represented the history of electricity in the Czech Republic and the vision and perception of the power concept by some contemporary artists. If you stillRead more.


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