The sunny days in Prague bring perks that you could not enjoy to the fullest in the gloomy or cloudy weather. One of these activities is yoga—in the garden, on the rooftop, or in an open-air studio. Whatever you want, there are as many options as fish in the sea! We dug deeper into the yoga events happening this week (May 30 – June 5), and here are our favorites. Flow & Energy: Yoga at Kunsthalle Praha  Kunsthalle Praha is a modern art gallery that recently premiered with its roaring exhibition, 100 Years of Electricity. It represented the history of electricity in the Czech Republic and the vision and perception of the power concept by some contemporary artists. If you stillRead more.

Over the years, I’ve grudgingly attended an occasional yoga class. My head was always filled with visions of enlightened yogis contorting themselves into graceful poses, displaying bodies of both strength and flexibility. Me? Yeah, not so much. I could touch my toes when I was a kid and sorta do a floppy summersault, but that was the extent of my physical prowess (other than making up some wicked routines with my “Get in Shape, Girl” ribbon.) So, when I contacted the Prague Yoga Collective and asked to attend a class, I was hesitant. I would probably make a fool of myself and likely pull a muscle. I was wrong. So wrong. A million times wrong! The teachers and students atRead more.