The October Beer and Food Fest, inspired by Oktoberfest, full of beer and sausages, take place in Pivovar Strahov this Saturday, October 1, 2022. The organizers of the event shared a love for beer and delicious food and could not resist celebrating the event along with their neighbors from Germany. Swing by Sv. Norbert this Saturday and taste the best of Bavarian cuisine.  Oktoberfest: A quick history lesson  Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival, combined with a traveling carnival, happening in Munich, Bavaria, every year. Sadly, the festival has been canceled for the last two years due to the coronavirus restriction. Yet, this year will be something special, as Oktoberfest organizers in Bavaria promised.  Generally speaking, it lasts approximatelyRead more.


By: SeasonAbroad You travel to seek other cities and other lives – to make memories and open your mind. It is time to Reconnect and Explore the place you were born in, live in and belong. Join SeasonAbroad’s Mission in bringing your home closer to you, by Embracing and Rediscovering your country, your city and #YouWithoutBorders Subtitles for the video are available in: English, Russian, Czech, Greek, German. © COPYRIGHT SEASONABROAD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Created by Dario Zoric & Inara Kyazimova – Script & Storyline: Dario Zoric & Inara Kyazimova Voice-Overs: Dario Zoric & Inara Kyazimova Director of Videography: Branislav Velebný Director of Post-Production and Video Editing: Gabriela Hirlea No related posts.Read more.