Pragovka, the cultural center for modern art, introduced its new approach to the synergy between art and people at ArtBazaar. At the event, visitors can buy selected masterpieces from local and international artists, visit various workshops, and have a great end of the week.  The ArtBazaar will take place on July 30, 2022 (Saturday), and will run all day long—from 10.00 to 18.00. Event organizers promise that nothing will stop ArtBazaar—not a hurricane, storm, or tornado.  No cancel culture here, so enjoy the end of July with an artistic feeling! What is Pragovka?  Pragovka is a modern artistic place created for everyone, ready to share their world vision. It is also an art gallery where you can see the worksRead more.

The classical concert Games comes back to Rudolfinum, the heart of Prague musicians, with a brand-new musical performance of computer and electronic melodies. It will take place this Saturday (30.04) at 19.30, the perfect end to the busy month of April! Quick overview of Games Vol. 3 It is not the first time that the Games will be held in Rudolfinum. Indeed, this is the third time musicians and art enthusiasts have presented their new vision of games and electronics to residents and visitors to the burgeoning Czech capital. The last time, the concert took place last June, which was a phenomenal success. The tickets were sold out in under one hour! It was a breath of fresh air forRead more.

Wanting to catch a train to get out of the city and discover a new Czech town? The Czech Republic sure does offer a handful of cool regions and areas to check out, but if you prefer to keep the adventure small, there is a town just outside of Prague (about 30 kilometres) — Beroun. You can think of Beroun as a mini-micro version of Prague. Everything that you’ve got going on in Prague is also going on in Beroun but at a much much tinier scale and then cut that scale in half. Beroun has got one main square which carries all the same basics as any other square in CZ — bata, the tall religious monuments, banks, grocery,Read more.