In the Remote Year project, groups of digital nomads team up for a year-long journey across the globe with they do their day job. It sounds like a dream, but it could become your reality – and one of Remote Year’s largest bases is in Prague. We caught up with them during a recent event atop Prague’s Vítkov HIll to find out what it’s like. Interested in more about Prague? Be sure to hit that subscribe button above to catch our next video! For more great content, visit us on the web: Also be sure to follow us on Facebook: And Twitter: And discover more about Remote Year at their official website: No related posts.Read more.

Zizkov tunnel is a pretty interesting find if you haven’t heard or known about it before. This tunnel connects the two districts of Zizkov and Karlin. Although it may seem sketchy to enter at first, don’t sweat it. The tunnel is about 300 meters long and depending on where you live, it can be faster to just walk through the tunnel than to catch the metro between these two areas. This is a pedestrian and bike-only tunnel. You won’t have to worry about dodging cars – maybe just segways and skateboards.  Once you exit the Karlin side, there are a bunch of nice restaurants, pubs, cafes and offices. It’s a bustling neighbourhood and district to walk around if you have time.Read more.