January 27th (Virtual Seminar) Mariana Mazzucato: Mission Economy hosted by 5×15. Starts at 19:30 and the tickets are FREE. Economist extraordinaire Mariana Mazzucato has been introducing new ideas for kickstarting capitalist economies for years now. Her ideas have rushed her to the top of her fields and reigns as one of the most prominent British Economists of the present. Calling for unprecedented levels of experimentation and boldness in solving the world’s problems, this seminar hosts Mazzucato and the Financial Time’s Columnist Rana Foroohar to ambitiously discuss the world at hand. January 27th (Virtual Instruction) Sweaty Betty Workout Class by Sweaty Betty. Starts at 17:00 and the tickets are FREE. Join Sweaty Betty’s crew for one last free workout class inRead more.