The Czech Design Week of 2022 made its entrance to Prague, bringing the latest fashion trends, extravagant accessories, and the spirit of the culture of the Czech Republic.  Visitors can perceive well-known artists as well as independent creators sharing their works for the first time in their lives. In any sense, it is a diverse event that connects people through the medium of art—be it artistic or aesthetic!  The event takes place at Galerie Mánes, the modern art gallery featuring contemporary design in the fields of fashion and art, from September 2, 2022, to September 4, 2022.  Czech Design: all you need to know This is not the first time Czech Design has roared Prague’s lifestyle and boars its streets.Read more.

In this era of Spotify, SoundCloud, and iTunes, anyone with the memory of a Goldfish can arrange a twenty track music set for their gym workout, drive to work, or dinner party. But don’t you see? That’s just the problem. Your preferences are yours, and yours alone, and the rest of us could really give a rat’s ass about that obscure B-side slow-jam that was playing at your school prom. Music is personal, intimate, and subjective, according to your response to it. To be a really successful programmer, it’s people you need to understand, and more specifically, the audience that will be grooving, dancing or posing to your beats. As a lifelong audiophile, I’ve briefly summarized here a few waysRead more.