The government approved the new program in support for the travel operators, travel agencies, and guides. It was stated by Klára Dostálová, the Minister for Regional Development. She added that half of the billion CZK are prepared for these needs. Travel operators will receive up to 2.75 percent of the planned revenues from the tour sales this year. Travel agencies will get 500 CZK for each cancelled trip because of the pandemic, bought from December 1 last year to October 1 this year. Also, they have a right to claim compensation for the cancelled spa trips due to the closure of those. Each tourism agency focused on domestic tourism will get a 50 000 Czech crowns subsidy. Andrea Řezníčková, theRead more.

In 2010, an impressive light display illuminated the Astronomical Clock on the Old Town Square. The reason? The clock was, as of 2010, 600 years old. The clock is massive and almost unbelievably beautiful; all the more so, for something that was constructed with the tools of the 15th century. When it chimes the hour, figures move. A bell rings. A little horn sounds. And the audience, watching raptly, applauds. The main body of the clock is a real challenge to read. The inner circle shows all the symbols of the zodiac. The outermost ring symbolizes the Tropic of Cancer, while the golden circle inside represents the Equator, and, inside that ring, another golden circle represents the Tropic of Capricorn.Read more.

Have you been living in Prague for a while? Are you at that point when you’re starting to run out of new things to do in the city? You’ve spent years avoiding all the overly touristy things, but it seems that now they are the only things left – and hey, why not just give it a chance? That’s where I’m at sometimes (especially on lazy weekends), and I decided to give this black light mini golf a try. Pretty expensive (209 CZK per person) for a glow in the dark golf ball and a club that feels a bit too small for adult humans. However, they have a promotion where you can spend around 60 crowns more and getRead more.