The John Lennon Wall is one of Prague’s top sights. Even in the dead of winter, tourists flock to it to photograph themselves standing in front of the colorful graffiti. In the summer, everyone wants to add their own contribution to the wall, which has led to it being repainted white periodically. This is oddly reminiscent of the communist era. Originally, the wall was an important protest against the regime. The music of John Lennon and of The Beatles was forbidden in communist Czechoslovakia, but it was smuggled into the country (along with other Western music) and made a huge impact. The Beatles were very popular in Czechoslovakia, as indeed they still are, and the fact that their music wasRead more.

I know, there are many articles out there claiming to know the best burgers joints in Prague. But after a few years living in the city and being a mega-burger fan, I’ve tried and tested a handful of different places to share my few favourite spots with you. BEJZMENT When you’re in the mood for a huge juicy burger, don’t even think twice and head on down to Bejzment. This joint definitely knows how to bring out the best in a burger and to start up an addiction to the average burger-goer. Don’t say you haven’t been warned. The only thing is that you should call in advance to make a reservation, just to ensure that you can get aRead more.