The Invisible Exhibition provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for people to trust themselves and their senses while viewing everyday life from a different perspective. Nature provides four senses for visitors: touch, hearing, scent, and balance, but not eyesight. Are you up for a challenge? The exhibition runs throughout December, making it a perfect activity for Christmas.  Invisible Exhibition: The Idea Behind It The idea behind the interactive exhibition is truly inspiring: live the life of a blind person for one hour. During this time, the participant will go around the dark room, test their senses of touch and smell, and try some daily activities.  “It is a unique interactive journey to an invisible world where, in total darkness, you find yourRead more.

As Prague turns into a Christmas fairytale with magical trees, dimmed lights, and the scent of freshly baked trdlo on the traditional markets, Filmasia, an Asian-inspired movie festival, makes the entrance with a brand-new program depicting the recent trends and notions of contemporary Asian cinematography.  Filmasia is set to run from December 1, 2022, to December 6, 2022, in artistic cinemas such as Bio Oko, located in the heart of Prague 7, and Lucerna, located in the heart of Prague.  Filmasia: a story behind it  Filmasia has a long story behind its shoulders regarding the cinematography arena of Prague, especially with the pinch of its Asian background. In fact, this is the eighteenth time when Filmasia presents the artworks ofRead more.

Open Storage of the Art of Asia, the exhibition devoted to the cultural heritage of Asia and its glorious history, opens its doors to visitors at Trade Fair Palace. The installation presents more than 600 artworks from Asian provinces displayed in three-dimensional space.  The Trade Fair Palace plans to display Asian sculptures and artworks till January 8, 2023. So, mark this date in the calendar to enjoy the exhibition during autumn or the prolonged Christmas break.  Installation background  Asian sculptures and artworks have a long history with Prague, especially different outlets of the National Gallery in Prague (NGP). Initially, all artifacts from Open Storage of the Art of Asia were located in the Kinský palace. There, they lived quite aRead more.