With the fall of the first leaf, autumn knocked at the door of Prague’s streets with its main character—the pumpkin. We are excited to indulge ourselves with the legendary taste of pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin pie with cream on top, and pumpkin soup with some pieces of bacon.  But where to get the pumpkin for all these goodies, or to see the most fabulous pumpkins in town? We have a solution for you: visit the Prague Botanic Garden and its fabulous autumn-inspired exhibition, Pumpkin Autumn.  The installation runs from October 14, 2022, to October 30, 2022, from 9 AM to 7 PM. Pumpkin Exhibition: a Quick Overview Pumpkin Autumn is one of the favorite events hosted by the Botanical Garden, withRead more.

Bramborák, known as a “potato pancake,” is a portion of comfort food for most people residing in the Czech Republic. Made from freshly grated potatoes in a mixture with an egg, bramborák wins the hearts of everyone who tries it for the first time or a million times.  Dive into the potato-savvy article about bramborák and learn why everyone is obsessed with it! The Mystery of the Name In the Czech language, the famous potato pancake is called bramborák. So, what does it mean for us, as English speakers?  Let’s get everything in order and get some Czech skills on the table. Bramborák originates from the noun bamboo, which simply means potato. The suffix ak is just a magical stricture that “indicates the referent isRead more.

Karlín Coffee Festival offers the one and only remedy for coffee addicts: an event full of caffeine and warm memories. The festival starts on a lazy Sunday (September 18, 2022) and will last till the last roast of the coffee. Undoubtedly, the coffee smell will be your wake-up call this day!  What is the Karlín Coffee Festival?  Karlín Coffee Festival is a place that unites people with one vulnerability—the love for coffee. At the festival, you can smell not love but coffee in the air as multiple venues and gurus will gather together in  Karlínské náměstí to show off their best coffee-infused drinks.  Hot cappuccinos and lattes will have a battle with cold brews and iced americanos. Both versions willRead more.