The week of refreshing prosecco festivals premiered in Prague to ease the heating wave we have all been struggling with for the last few days. A stream of ice-cold Italian prosecco with sweet and sour aromas can be found in various locations throughout the city center. As bougy and chic lovers, we dug into the prosecco fests and found our favorite gems of the week of June 6-13. Let’s get it rolling! What’s prosecco?  To get started, let’s define the most crucial term of the day: prosecco. As we were discovering different variations in terminology, we decided to focus on how Italians describe prosecco, emphasizing culture, history, and traditions. Long story short, prosecco is a sparkling white wine originating from Veneto, the region inRead more.

The sunny days in Prague bring perks that you could not enjoy to the fullest in the gloomy or cloudy weather. One of these activities is yoga—in the garden, on the rooftop, or in an open-air studio. Whatever you want, there are as many options as fish in the sea! We dug deeper into the yoga events happening this week (May 30 – June 5), and here are our favorites. Flow & Energy: Yoga at Kunsthalle Praha  Kunsthalle Praha is a modern art gallery that recently premiered with its roaring exhibition, 100 Years of Electricity. It represented the history of electricity in the Czech Republic and the vision and perception of the power concept by some contemporary artists. If you stillRead more.

Badiucao, the inspiring Chinese activist, presented his brand-new installation about his vision and perception of politics, the hottest topic in modern society, at DOX, the center of contemporary art in the industrial area of Prague 7. The performance has gathered international attention, thanks to which the artist has become well-known for his controversial opinions on China and life beyond the Great Wall, which is generally hidden from the public. In this way, the artist enables visitors and art-enthusiasts to discover and comprehend the ‘real’ China, especially the political impact (and its control) on society’s lives.  The exhibition runs throughout the summer nights, resembling the pinky cotton candy color and taste of refreshing watermelon lemonades – from 13.05 till 28.08.  Badiucao:Read more.