Smart decisions happen early. How many mid-career professionals look back and wonder if MAYBE they should have taken a different career path? If you’re not thoughtful and have an eye on the big picture, you can easily find yourself in a career that doesn’t provide financially or give you the opportunity for personal and professional growth (hello all my fellow broadcast journalism majors!) For young professionals looking at the bigger picture and wanting more, Green Fox Academy’s junior developer program makes a lot of sense. Begun in 2015 in Hungary, Green Fox’s founders created an intensive four month junior developer course whose now 440+ graduates have gone onto successful careers in IT. But, their course isn’t geared for people half-heartedlyRead more.

This spot seems to be popular for language teachers and expats. Come here in the afternoon and you’ll easily overhear a few English (or Czech) lessons going on at once. Conveniently located between Jiriho z Podebrad and Namesti Miru metro stops (the green line A), it’s no wonder it’s a hit amongst expats in the area. This coffee shop comes a small bookshop and mini everything-goes kind of gift store at the entrance. You can find postcards, Czech literature, mugs, pottery, crafts, packs of gum, cigarettes, pretty random things in case you’ve been needing them. This cafe can be easily missed and mistaken for the tea shop located right next door. I’ve done it quite a few times. The entranceRead more.

As an expat living in the Czech Republic, you or may not have considered starting to learn the Czech language. Although the investment pretty much depends on how long you’ll be in the country, cracking this tough language may not be as impossible as it’s hyped up to be. There are many cool benefits of picking up another language — especially for the country you’re living in. Life can only get easier in the Czech Republic with more Czech vocabulary on your side to save you in all kinds of situations. Need to go to the doctor? How about just getting directions to the pub that is somewhere in the area? If you’ve decided to jump on board the CzechRead more.