I lived in Ireland while working as an au pair. I don’t miss the life of being an au pair; it wasn’t easy or exciting, but I really miss a few things and some of the people I met there (many of whom I’m still in touch with). Irish food was so different, and after one year I really couldn’t stand beans in tomato sauce and gravy anymore. But I seriously miss their traditional Irish soup made from vegetables and blended into a creamy consistency. Hand in hand with the soup prepared by my host family in Ireland were Irish scones. After a year there, I learned how to bake these awesome treats in sweet and salty versions. Sweet scones are served with butter, jamRead more.

Another great place if you’re looking for Asian (specifically Vietnamese) cuisine is Phollow. Clever name, isn’t it? They have a range of pho bowls to choose from as well with an infusion of other Asian dishes.  You can find spring rolls, pho bowls, meat and rice dishes, meat and noodle dishes as well with meat and vegetable dishes. You’ve got the entire range covered. As for the meat, you can get duck, salmon, seafood, beef, chicken and pork — vegetarian and tofu options are also available, don’t worry. In addition to a wide selection of food, they are also ready for you with their full-on drink menu. With an entire page dedicated to drinks, they offer vietnamese coffee, an assortmentRead more.