East coast, West coast, or Third Coast? Pizza lovers and foodies are enjoying Prague’s newest gastro offering originating from the city of Detroit, Michigan.  Two American expats are bringing a fresh yet traditional item to Prague’s blossoming food industry.  Under the name Third Coast Pizza, Richard Hawes and Ross VanSlambrouck have started dishing out Detroit style Pizzas using a pop-up operation around the city of Prague. Third Coast Pizza started as a passion project during the early stages of the pandemic to make Detroit style pizzas for friends and has now grown into a foodie endeavor with demand that has been hard to meet.  “When we first started our intention was simply to bring a different style of pizza withRead more.

Most areas of Prague have changed in the last decade, and Holešovice is no exception. There, Prague’s life is emerging in different forms and formats. It unites and transforms other areas into something more significant and valuable for every citizen. With the help of creative people, Prague 7 has changed from an industrial zone to a modern style of living. It attracts the younger generation to move in and develop their fantastic (and sometimes crazy) ideas in the prism of the real business world.  Discover how Holešovice changed over the past few years and what you can do in the area!  Holešovice: Quick history  During the past decades, Holešovice was a heavy industrial suburb with significant factories. They were aRead more.

Looking for a nice place to unwind and chill with friends for dinner? Or how about just knowing a place to go to when it’s your turn to plan a date? We recommend U Kurelů because it offers a casual feel with an energetic vibe. Music quality is on point as well with its selection of American-style burgers and sauces which can bring you a little closer to home (if you’re from the states). But regardless, it’s a place for anyone who’s up for a full course meal. Besides their burgers, BBQ’uesadillas, chili cheese dogs & veggie dogs, they also have an internationally awarded 1st-prize smoked pulled pork sandwich. Now that’s something worth bragging about. As for drinks, they’ve gotRead more.