If you’re new to Prague, then it’s probably best to get your bearings as soon as possible and to understand the common ground that takes place throughout the city. Especially when it comes to public transport, there is definitely an unsaid yet understood language across everyone to work together and make the entire “transit process” as smooth as possible. There are always a few people out of the loop, and boy do they get some crude looks from locals but, hey, we all have to start somewhere, right? Let’s start with the trams. When the tram pulls up to the station, do not stand directly in front of the doors unless you want to get trampled on when everyone comesRead more.

Are you a fan of history? Do you want to get out of Prague and explore somewhere different? There’s a place not too far out where you can learn about some history and hear a few tales about what happened in a certain area called Terezin. Terezin (also known as Theresienstadt) was a concentration camp during the second world war where Czech-jews were rounded up and taken to work about 30 miles north of Prague. Many jews from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Denmark were also held there totalling more than 150,000 (15,000 including children). Less than 150 children survived. The conditions of this concentration camp were very extreme and majority of those who have worked there died from theRead more.

iPods, Discmans and mini-disc players all lack one important thing. Take a guess? They are commentator-free. In this age of DIY playlisting, radio days may be in their waning years. But don’t throw away that armband tuner just yet: There are entertaining and informative music broadcasts in Prague, several of them in English. King of the heap just now is the daily Express Evenings in English on COLOR RADIO (90.3 FM). American Robert Polo (Dr. Bob), a 20-year broadcasting vet, provides “humor, news and helpful tidbits about life in the Czech Republic” The show is a welcome brew of trendy tunes, showbiz anecdotes, occasional guests and the always informative “Prague.tv minute,” a tight roundup of night-out tips from the WebRead more.