Every single time when I go to Starbucks, I’m a different person. I don’t mean that I have multiple personalities hidden within myself, but rather, I’m a different type of personality. You know how when you order your coffee in Starbucks, you give them your name, right? I don’t want to sound negative, but… do they often write your name correctly? Even my common name (yes I’m Czech, from the Czech Republic, and with a typical Czech name) is written wrong sometimes. I’m not talking about having a coffee in a different country — I wasn’t surprised when they wrote my name wrong in the US, UK or in Ireland — but come on… we are in the Czech Republic and they speak Czech,Read more.

Pravčická brána – the trip to the north Are you thinking of leaving Prague just for one day and wondering where to go? Going somewhere without a need of staying overnight but still wanting to see a unique and interesting place? Do you like the countryside and wandering in nature? So, this is the right place to go. This is a must, to be honest! We call it Czech Switzerland, and it is situated on the north of the Czech Republic very close to the German border. This is from where I was born and spent almost my whole childhood. I love many places, but there is no place like this one. You can go there for additional days andRead more.

Hey, my name is Markéta, and I’m the copywriter. Like most copywriters, I need inspiration. Really often, people ask me, where to find it? The inspiration is not here all the time when you need it, of course. I love wandering around. I love talking to people, mainly strangers. I love exploring places, and much more. For me, this is the inspiration: people. People inspire me a lot, and that’s why I write my articles mostly in the cafes, in the parks watching people, at Wenceslas Square listening to very interesting talks between the Czechs or just people from the abroad spending their vacations here. I think I will never get enough of talking with people. All of you are really interestingRead more.