In 1382, Anne of Bohemia (daughter of the powerful King and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV) married King Richard II of England. With this royal alliance came increased communication between the two countries. Czech students attended English universities, and English students attended Charles University. Far more importantly, the works of English authors were translated into Czech. This was to have a lasting effect on this small country. Jan Hus came from Husinec, moving to Prague when he was very young. He was a student at Charles University, where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1393, and a Master’s degree in 1396. Having been ordained as a priest in 1400, Hus quickly began to preach reformation of the CatholicRead more.

The Battle of Bila Hora, which ended so quickly for the Czech Protestant troops, had a grim and gory aftermath the following year. Visitors to the Old Town Square in Prague may wonder at the sight of 27 crosses set into the cobblestones in front of the Old Town Hall, around the corner from the Astronomical Clock. The reason is that, on June 21, 1621, 27 noblemen who had taken part in the Estates Uprising were put to death there. At the time of the executions, the Old Town Square looked very different from the view everyone enjoys today; drawings of the event show an area that is barely – if at all – recognizable. The square was packed withRead more.

On the afternoon of Saturday, February 11, 2017, around 50 people gathered on the green of Klàrov park across from the Malostranská metro station. In the shadow of the Memorial of the Second Resistance Movement, the massive tricolored Czech flag with the inscription “1938–1945” “Stay a moment in respect for the victims and winners of the Second resistance of the Czech nation for liberty of the homeland” (translated), demonstrators decried US President Donald J. Trump’s self-proclaimed Muslim ban. Though the Muslim ban had been suspended prior to the march and its suspension upheld, demonstrators and speakers met to raise awareness of its continued impact on the targeted population. The organizers’ opening statement stressed that though the ban might have beenRead more.