Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning (CAMP), located in the lively area of Prague, presented the extravagant exhibition, underling the brutalism architecture of the buildings during the period of 1958-1989. For most of us, these years were not accessible due to the political situation of the post-war community. Nevertheless, architects were trying to present their vision, a sort of protest through the lens of the art of building.  Discover what CAMP has prepared for you this March!  Brutalism installation One of the reasons why the 55-89 architecture exhibition appeared was an exciting occasion. There was a vast premiere of the publication in the cultural society, covering the most significant buildings of the pre-revolutionary period in the Czech Republic.  CAMP’s curatorsRead more.

The Czech Republic is one of the perfect places for those who love to discover something new, get lost on the beaten path, and explore the beauty of our beautiful nature. Tiské Steny is one of the places that almost all outdoor lovers should visit during their hike in Bohemian Switzerland. Find out what Tiské Steny has in store for you! Tiské Steny: in a nutshell  Tiské Steny is an exceptional gift of nature, located in the western part of Bohemian Switzerland. From the geographical point of view, the breakthrough landscape of the Ore Mountains is waiting for your visit. It is also the perfect spot to take a break from hiking, have a coffee and snack break, or simplyRead more.

Slivovice is one of those drinks where you have a love-hate relationship. You either love it to death or you hate it so much that one thought about it makes you regret every decision in your life. Nevertheless, we all love this spirit to keep the party going, have deep talks, and unforgettable moments with family and friends.  We decided to re-discover the origin of Slivovice and here is what we found out!  What the heck is Slivovice?  Slivovice is a hard liquor that is inclined to be an integral part of Eastern European culture. In simple words, it is a plum brandy.Mostly, it is made from damson plums.  Most families even produce it by themselves rather than buying itRead more.