So this is my second posting of the day – I couldn’t help myself but to have a bit of a rant in the earlier one, mainly due to my new addiction to Twitter and Facebook and two hours in the early morning reading unbelievable stories of people still asking daft questions as to whether they can go out and do x, y and z in both countries, but many much worse ones in the UK. I still feel that, apart from maybe the US/New York (but even there they seem to have gone into all-out crisis now), London is going to be the worst hit of all in the end. Oh dear… off I go again. Moving on. Well,Read more.

Last night, my former boss (he of the draining the swimming pool expertise, but who is actually one of the cleverest people you could meet as well) wrote to me with a long reasoning about the problems with putting everyone into lock-down and the economic effect of doing this. Only three weeks ago (three weeks? Feels like about 10 years!) I probably would have agreed with him – in fact, I posted on Twitter when I landed in a deserted Budapest Airport, that it is ‘not the Corona Virus that is going to kill us, but the economy’ (if you think I’m being a smug know-it all cow, you can check it!!) But then we got to Spain, and IRead more.

Saturday today. I pondered what our usual Saturday would look like – I would go off tennis training, Jan would go for a run, then we might go out for lunch. And then, usually, some form of ‘sports on TV fest’ in the afternoon (horse racing, any tennis, any cycling, etc). And then whatever the evening would bring. OK, not so exciting – I was a bit of a raver once, but not anymore! – so I figured it must be possible to come up with something not too dissimilar today…?? First, St Rostya sent me a photo of the view out of her window in the CR this morning (beautiful, but snow), so I couldn’t help but send herRead more.