Today didn’t start well, as I crept downstairs early to make some coffee and came face to face with a cockroach in the kitchen. Cockroaches are reasonably common in Southern Spain as it is generally so hot, and a few years ago we had a real problem with them on the Pueblo where we live, but this was cured by some very clever ‘cockroach men’ (yes, this is a serious business down here) and we haven’t seen one for at least two years. The Spring, though, is when they are the most likely to appear, and our houses were all supposed to be fumigated last week, but, of course, this had to be put on hold…. Uggggh. I absolutely hateRead more.

Well, this has been quite a Friday the 13th (i.e., for us, the 13th day in lock-down). I feel as if I am slowly changing personality – first sleeping through until 08.00 am this morning, which is unheard of (but very welcome) and then spending a couple of hours on Twitter and Facebook (after being one of the most ardent ‘anti’ social media people possible only a couple of weeks ago), and then getting up and putting the same clothes on for about the third day running (top clothes, obviously!) and not bothering with any makeup. Add to that that we try to speak either Czech or Spanish for the first hour of the day, and I have clearly turnedRead more.

As expected, we woke up this morning to bright sunshine. What a difference some sun makes! It seems I am not quite as addicted to social media as I was thinking, as the need to get up and outside far-outweighed looking at what had been posted overnight and, actually, we managed to avoid talking or reading about you-know-what until after lunch. Amazing. First up was Jan heading off to the supermarket for his walk and yet more wine… you never know when stocks will run down, so always good to get a few in… I, though, decided to change my routine and do a bit of cycling. I may never sit down again as I did a good hour ofRead more.