Spending your Christmas in the Czech Republic? Would you like to eat typical Czech Christmas dish as well? Today, we are going to learn how to make a typical Czech Christmas dinner. Some Czechs don’t like carp so they would prefer to make a fried schnitzel instead, either chicken or pork. So lets go make your own Czech Christmas dinner! What do you need? – Carp fillets (chicken or pork steak) – Flour (use the one that is called Hladká mouka) – Eggs (raw for the schnitzel and 1 boiled egg for the salad) – Breadcrumbs – Pickles – Onion (lightly boiled or steamed) – Potatoes (whole boiled and peeled potatoes) – Carrots – Peas, corn (not necessary) – MayoRead more.

Are you new to Prague and want to try out some typical Czech dishes? Of course you do, but first you have to learn what your choices are. Many of the local dishes involve meat and potatoes — a basic staple. But here are a few well-known dishes that you can probably find in any Czech restaurant and should be on the look-out for: Goulash If you haven’t yet tried goulash, what are you waiting for? Goulash is like a beef-stew but a hundred times better. It’s mixed in with a very dark and rich sauce with chunks of beef that will melt in your mouth. It’s often cooked in with onions and a lot of spices. On the side,Read more.