While Charles IV is a household name in the Czech Republic, Rudolf II sometimes gets overlooked, despite being the king who moved the Habsburg residency from Vienna back to Prague in the 17th century. This made Prague the place to be at the time. As a child, Rudolf lived in Vienna until he was 11 years old, when his father Maximillian sent him off with his siblings to study with his uncle, Spanish King Filip II.  Rule of the King As Maximillian’s oldest son, Rudolf took the throne in 1576 after his death and moved the dynasty to Prague, making the city a cultural and political centre of Europe. It was during this era that you could peruse the streetsRead more.

Rudolf II was one of the most important and most influential rulers of the Czech lands; his name is still famous centuries after his reign. Rudolf II was a member of the House of Habsburg. His titles included King of Bohemia, King of Hungary and Croatia, Archduke of Austria, and the big one, Holy Roman Emperor. His life was, by modern standards, short. He was born July 18, 1552. He died January 20, 1612. Rudolf was born in Vienna, the son of Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian II and Maria of Spain, who herself came from a royal family. From an early age, young Rudolf showed an interest in science, alchemy, and magic, interests which would remain with him for theRead more.