Slivovice is one of those drinks where you have a love-hate relationship. You either love it to death or you hate it so much that one thought about it makes you regret every decision in your life. Nevertheless, we all love this spirit to keep the party going, have deep talks, and unforgettable moments with family and friends.  We decided to re-discover the origin of Slivovice and here is what we found out!  What the heck is Slivovice?  Slivovice is a hard liquor that is inclined to be an integral part of Eastern European culture. In simple words, it is a plum brandy.Mostly, it is made from damson plums.  Most families even produce it by themselves rather than buying itRead more.

Re-discovering Czech cities and finding something new and majestic is the notion of traveling around the country. Why not visit Liberec again and reveal some of its secrets?  Its location is perfect for Prague residents; it will take you around one hour to get there, so it is an ideal trip for a weekend getaway or day trip. It’s all about your comfort. Let’s see what we can see there.  Liberec facts & overview: The city is the fifth-largest city in the Czech Republic: 104,000 inhabitants reside there.  It is an urban and thriving town that attracts locals and tourists to discover it from different angles. You never know what you will discover today. For instance, the neighborhoods on theRead more.

If you’re one of the estimated 600,000 expats living in the Czech Republic, it may have occurred to you at some point to consider starting a business. Maybe you were thinking about a favorite item from home that you’ve never seen here (or had to pay hundreds of dollars to import!) Maybe there is a kind of food you miss that you’ve searched endlessly for at the various pre-Covid Food Festivals in Prague. Or maybe you have a skill to offer that you think might have value in your community… whatever the case may be, if you’ve given it any amount of thought you may have wondered, “can an expat even have a business in the Czech Republic?” A quickRead more.