Do you remember the first time you flew first-class? Sitting up there with your extra leg room, edible meals, and thinking, “why on earth would I ever go back to coach?” The same experience can be had at Pivovar Hostivar (and for a lot less than a first-class ticket.) The beers readily available in the Czech Republic are delicious, no doubt, but once you’ve tasted the brews at Pivovar Hostivar, you won’t be able to go back to flying coach. Milan Wimmer, CEO of Pivovar Hostivar, let us in on a few of their secrets: Cityspy: The Czech Republic is famous for its beer…what is special about yours? Wimmer: Our beer is made traditionally using water, malt and hops. CzechRead more.

At one point or another, I think we’re all on the hunt for a nice restaurant with great city views. What if I told you there’s one located near the city center and is discreetly perched on the rooftop of a mall? I’ve got one for you and it’s called T-anker. Right across Palladium shopping center (right outside of Náměstí Republiky metro station) is another shopping mall called Kotva. You can’t miss Kotva because of its stylish exterior and architecture which resembles cubism. It’s sleek, black and geometrically interesting with yellow block letters screaming “Kotva” – can’t miss it. But now it gets tricky. You will not enter the mall. In fact, you will walk along the left side ofRead more.

As a frequent player of board games, my friends and I are always on the lookout for interesting and chill new places to set down our boards. Friendly staff? Check. Variety of good food? Check. Cocktails and not just beer? Check. Fair prices? Check. Nice space that doesn’t feel too cluttered? Check. We try not to go overboard with the standards, but to put it simply, there are places that just know how to raise the bar and, well, there’s no going back. Our latest find is a superhero-themed pub called Loki’d. Yes, you heard right – superhero themed. This means that your DC and Marvel comics are brought to life to turn this average-looking pub into kickass superhero territory.Read more.