Prague is a great historical city with plenty of green zones, parks, national reservations that became popular, especially in the pandemic. Sometimes, they can be overcrowded and noisy, and you cannot simply relax there. Check out parks where you can finally feel tranquility and spend time in silence.  Divoká Šárka Located in the north district of Prague, the natural reservation welcomes all visitors, including dogs!. Interestingly, it was named after the mythical female warrior. Based on the legend, she threw her off one of the multiple cliffs there.  It is a place that is perfect for people who love physical activity, hiking, or mountain biking! You can enjoy the magical and breathtaking scenery in the park: a vast forest withRead more.

With the start of the spring, Prague streets turned into blooming areas with freshly scenting trees and flowers. When strolling around, you might notice a significant dominance of pink color. That is how the magnolia or cherry develops its unique aroma that spreads all over the city. Discover the blooming areas where you can take the most beautiful pictures and enjoy the fantastic view. Trojský zámek Located in Prague 7, Troja is welcoming people all over the country to take a stroll in the freshly scenting area. There is a beautiful palace designed by the French architect Jean Baptiste Mathey. You can visit it in the opening hours (from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.). To be sure that the museumRead more.