With the easing of the coronavirus restrictions, plenty of cultural instances such as galleries reopened and introduced brand-new exhibitions which people can finally visit offline. National Gallery Prague is not an exception. Tune in and discover which installations are worth a visit there!  Moscow Gothic by V. Pivovarov Viktor Pivovarov is one of the modern artists in Russia. He is famous for creating mystical worlds, reanimating past instances, and uncovering hidden and secretive worlds. In most of his work, he represents the different worlds through the lens of the opened doors or windows. The main objects are the ‘heroes’ of daily life: teapots, matchbox, jars, and others!  When walking through the exhibition, you can notice the trace of the artist’sRead more.

Opposing paths must meet somewhere  say the representatives of the DOX What is DOX? The Czech Republic’s largest autonomous contemporary art institution opened to the public in 2008 thanks to a private initiative. A disused factory in Prague’s  Holešovice district has been transformed into a cutting-edge modern architecture example. Exhibition spaces, the DOX+ multipurpose hall, the Gulliver Airship, a design shop, a bookstore, and the Fine Art Archive are all available.  Exhibition: On Love On Love is the first public exhibition of Siegfried Herz’s art, including paintings, drawings, photographs, and films. In fact, Herz has only shown his art to a few of his closest friends and family members up until now.  Nonetheless, his work is highly current and timely,Read more.