Prague Art Week is more than art on its own. It is a collaboration of art institutions, galleries, and museums that have come together to show the world its hidden gems and reveal the darkest secrets of modern and classical Czech art. The event will run for a week, from September 9, 2022, to September 15, 2022. Let’s dive into the art fusion and discover what Art Week has prepared for us! What’s Prague Art Week?   As you might guess from the event’s name, Prague Art Week is a festival that runs for a week. How shocking is that right? It gathers all the leading art institutions in Prague. There, you might see representatives of Kunsthalle Praha, MeetFactory, Rudolfinum, theRead more.

With the easing of the coronavirus restrictions, plenty of cultural instances such as galleries reopened and introduced brand-new exhibitions which people can finally visit offline. National Gallery Prague is not an exception. Tune in and discover which installations are worth a visit there!  Moscow Gothic by V. Pivovarov Viktor Pivovarov is one of the modern artists in Russia. He is famous for creating mystical worlds, reanimating past instances, and uncovering hidden and secretive worlds. In most of his work, he represents the different worlds through the lens of the opened doors or windows. The main objects are the ‘heroes’ of daily life: teapots, matchbox, jars, and others!  When walking through the exhibition, you can notice the trace of the artist’sRead more.