Post-digital intimacy is an art exhibition inspired by the challenging situation of the coronavirus pandemic, endless Zoom meetings and lectures, FaceTime dates, and the surroundings of smart devices. The installation runs from November 2021 to July 2022 at one of the aesthetic buildings of the National Gallery in Prague, the Trade Palace. Don’t miss the intersection of high-end technology and art through the prism of virtual reality.  Concept  The exhibition consists of art projects by nine different contemporary artists from all over the world. You may have heard of them or not. They may be well-known worldwide or just emerging as stars in the modern art world. Who knows?  The insights of the exhibitions are presented in the faces ofRead more.

If you have been living in Prague for some time, you understand what I mean just from the title of this article. It’s a real struggle, folks. First off, if you’re new in the city, I must break the ice and let you know that the Czech Postal Service is one of the most unreliable systems that this country has to offer (if you are a foreigner) — in line with many other bureaucratic policies but that’s another story for another time. To put it simply, if you order something online and want to have it delivered to your place, you may often not get it. It will come into the country, sure, but you may never get notified that itRead more.