Did you ever want to sit in a tub and bathe in beer? Well, in the Czech Republic, that’s nothing out of the ordinary and you can definitely do it. There are quite a few places in the Czech Republic that offers this, but let’s focus on Prague. One of the most well-known places to bathe in Czech Krušovice® beer is at Spa Beerland Prague (also known as Ceske Pivni Lazne). This place is known to be a beer spa, where there are relaxation rooms and procedures set in place to give you an exclusive experience of being treated by the ingredients in the beer. Once you step inside and agree to the conditions, you are able to have theRead more.

We’ve got to admit that Prague does have its fair share of a creative and unique bar scene going on, but one bar that stands out in particular has got to be this one – Anonymous Bar. Why is it so unique? If you are not familiar with the group Anonymous, it’s an international network of activitsts and hacktivists who loosely cooperate together to bring bits of clarity, awareness and justice to people. It’s easy to spot an Anonymous member in public (or a wannabe) by the Guy Fawkes masks. You may be familiar with the mask from the movie and novel V for Vendetta. With this in mind, Anonymous Bar in Prague took this concept and made it aRead more.

If you haven’t been here before, you have got to check this place out. This teahouse is more than just a teahouse —- The name “A Maze in Tchaiovna” is a play on the words “amazing + maze” and “tchaiovna” which means teahouse in Czech. Why maze? This teahouse is filled with many hidden doors (book-shelves that you must push/pull to reveal doorways), and secret entrances which lead to a collec-tion of rooms that you would not have imagined to be there. A great place if you need a place to hideout if it ever comes down to it. What makes this place even more special is that it brings people together. Their mission is to keep people connected andRead more.