An outdoor swimming experience is one of the ways to beat the summer heat slowly returning to Prague, making it challenging to enjoy life to the fullest with a spin of unforgettable emotions in the summertime.  Escape the heat wave on the shores of the natural lakes located in Prague and discover the unbeaten paths of Czech nature.  Hostivařská přehrada Hostivařská přehrada is one of the largest natural swimming areas situated in Prague. Its area consists of 43.8 hectares of water adventures, including sandy beaches, cocktail bars, food spots, and a natural swimming pool.  Clean natural water, a rare find nowadays, is a perk of the spot. Visitors can enjoy a hot summer day by the shore, play volleyball, go paddle,Read more.

Have you ever wanted ride a hover board? Maybe get some friends together for a competitive game of frisbee or volleyball? Have you ever wanted to play a rousing game of cornhole? Well, guess what, you are in luck! Everyone’s favorite Žluté lázně is hosting two full days of fitness and fun for FREE. On Sunday, May 4, starting at 10:00, you and the kids can have a full day of exploring classic and new games, some of which are making their first appearance in Central Europe. The good folks at Žluté lázně have put together an exciting day of beach volleyball, slackline, badminton, streetball, paddle boarding, dragon boats, scooters, yoga and much much more. You have all day toRead more.

Are you a foreigner with kids living in Prague, and looking for some activity for your kids? Thinking of giving your child some good life values, and you’d like them to be great people with some survival skills and appreciation of nature, at least? Are you thinking of scouting, but are you afraid of the language barrier in the country? I can tell you this: don’t worry at all, because I know the right place for you and your kid! The British scout group in Prague is the 1st British and international scout group in Prague, a city of many expats and different groups of foreigners, and they’re here to help spread the good values of scouting throughout this beautiful city. What are the valuesRead more.