October 28 has been a special day on the calendar for all Czechs for over a century. Known as Czechoslovak Independence Day, the holiday is widely celebrated throughout the country with pride and dignity in their hearts.  In 1918, October 28 opened plenty of opportunities for people as a new era began. Previously, the Czechs and Slovaks were an integral part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. From now on, they will be an independent state with their language, laws, and territory. In 2022, October 28 still opens plenty of doors for people by inviting them to various museums and galleries without any entrance fee. Discover the history of Czechoslovak Independence Day and how you can celebrate it!  History Corner The narrativeRead more.

Mucha, The Family Collection, an exclusive installation, appeared at the Waldstein Riding School in the mid-summer. Since then, it has welcomed hundreds of art-nouveau enthusiasts and enlightened them with artworks from a private collection that had never been shown before to anyone. The exhibition runs till October 31, 2022, or, as we may say, till spooky Halloween. Do not miss the opportunity to see Mucha’s masterpieces in the heart of Old Town! Alfons Mucha: the Czech idol Mucha was a Czech artist best known for his contributions to the Art Nouveau movement due to his extensive travels throughout Europe. His works included various illustrations, advertisements, and decorative panels with a special touch, primarily used by cultural entities such as theaters,Read more.


Dutch discount store-chain, which supplies anything from personal hygiene products and animal feed to household necessities, has entered the Czech market. Its two first stores were opened in Hradec Králové and Kladno cities, and three more will be opened in the upcoming weeks in the Moravian-Silesian Region, Idnes.cz reports. “Like other companies, we had to adapt our plans for this year to the situation with the COVID-19. However, we are now successfully fulfilling the original plan for our expansion in the Czech Republic and will open a total of five of our stores here in a short time, ”said Sander van der Laan, Action’s CEO, Idnes.cz reports. Auction has already expanded from Netherlands to Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Poland andRead more.