Open Storage of the Art of Asia, the exhibition devoted to the cultural heritage of Asia and its glorious history, opens its doors to visitors at Trade Fair Palace. The installation presents more than 600 artworks from Asian provinces displayed in three-dimensional space.  The Trade Fair Palace plans to display Asian sculptures and artworks till January 8, 2023. So, mark this date in the calendar to enjoy the exhibition during autumn or the prolonged Christmas break.  Installation background  Asian sculptures and artworks have a long history with Prague, especially different outlets of the National Gallery in Prague (NGP). Initially, all artifacts from Open Storage of the Art of Asia were located in the Kinský palace. There, they lived quite aRead more.

Pragovka, the artspace for modern art, introduces a new installation, Kolben Open 9, presenting the creative style of living. The exhibition will open on May 7, 2022, early in the morning, with the first swirl of the birds.  What is Pragovka?  If we are going to describe Pragovka, we would simply say that it unites everything in the cultural and artistic fields under one roof. To be more precise, organizers stated that it is ‘a creative space where art and life, work and play, old and new, history, the present, and bold visions meet.’ We could not agree more with such a precise and vivid art space description.  In fact, Pragovka has been operating since 2014 thanks to Lucie NováčkováRead more.


Press release dated 4th of August 2020 The reconstruction of Křižík pavilions and the Spirála Theater, which had been postponed for years, has been approved. The City of Prague Council approved the reconstruction of buildings B, C, E, and the Spirála Theater. The fieldwork on both projects will begin by the end of this year. The value of the reconstruction of Křižík pavilions is estimated at 245 million CZK, and Spirála Theater will cost 217 million CZK. “I am very happy that we managed to push through the much-needed reconstruction of the other three parts of Křižík pavilions and the Spirála Theater, which we have been striving for a long time. The dilapidated buildings will finally become representative and usableRead more.