Prague 6 contains a nature reserve known as Divoka Sarka, which, in Czech, means “Wild Sarka”. Sarka is still a common woman’s name, but who was Wild Sarka, and how did she get her name? The legend concerns a band of women who lived in the area of what is now Prague in the 6th or 7th century AD. At that time, Bohemia was ruled by the legendary Princess Libuse, whose husband, Premysl, was a former plowman. Upon the death of Libuse, Premysl took the throne. This outraged the women of the area, who did not want their matriarchal society to become patriarchal. Civil war broke out, not between political factions, but between women and men. The leader of theRead more.

Are you a foreigner with kids living in Prague, and looking for some activity for your kids? Thinking of giving your child some good life values, and you’d like them to be great people with some survival skills and appreciation of nature, at least? Are you thinking of scouting, but are you afraid of the language barrier in the country? I can tell you this: don’t worry at all, because I know the right place for you and your kid! The British scout group in Prague is the 1st British and international scout group in Prague, a city of many expats and different groups of foreigners, and they’re here to help spread the good values of scouting throughout this beautiful city. What are the valuesRead more.

Need a break from the concrete jungle? We feel you, really. So that’s why we put together a list of the best parks in Prague as of 2017 (not saying that it was any less great in 2016, but you know). What all these great parks have in common is that they all offer you a spectacular view of the city if you can find its sweet spot.   1. Letna Park (Letenske Sady) This may be one of everyone’s favourites because of its famous lookout area from the beer gar-dens. There is an entire courtyard of long wooden tables for you and your friends to relax and grab beers from the beer stands. Once here, you’ll see many tameRead more.