Mucha, The Family Collection, an exclusive installation, appeared at the Waldstein Riding School in the mid-summer. Since then, it has welcomed hundreds of art-nouveau enthusiasts and enlightened them with artworks from a private collection that had never been shown before to anyone. The exhibition runs till October 31, 2022, or, as we may say, till spooky Halloween. Do not miss the opportunity to see Mucha’s masterpieces in the heart of Old Town! Alfons Mucha: the Czech idol Mucha was a Czech artist best known for his contributions to the Art Nouveau movement due to his extensive travels throughout Europe. His works included various illustrations, advertisements, and decorative panels with a special touch, primarily used by cultural entities such as theaters,Read more.

iMucha challenged the concept of creativity and introduced eMotion, a brand-new concept for the exhibition, full of motion and unforgettable emotions. Thousands of square meters are transformed into a real-life fairytale, with professional animations and orchestral music.  Jïzdárna Pražakého hradu is an official host of the event, running from June 28, 2022, to September 13, 2022. Don’t miss your chance to engage with art interactively at eMotion.  eMotion concept The planned exhibition will not be the first time that the masterpieces of Alfons Mucha, one of the most significant Czech painters and artists, will be displayed. iMucha pioneered the installation, introducing locals and visitors to the capital to a new form of digital art. The art is full of hiddenRead more.

iMucha show goes live in the O2 arena this May, allowing spectaculars to enjoy Art Nouveau masterpieces with real emotions and unbelievable experiences. The show is on May 26, 2022, at the fantastic arena in Prague, full of seats, drinks, and delicious snacks.  Don’t miss it!  What about Mucha? Mucha was one of the most famous Czech illustrators and artists of the 19th century. His famous artworks encompass The Slav Epic. It is a canvas showing the history of the Slavic people, their strong spirit, and distinctive culture. Other works included commercial posters for theater plays and big companies such as Nestlé and Moët-Chandon.  You can find various exhibitions devoted to his masterpieces around the city center of Prague. For instance, theRead more.