As Prague turns into a Christmas fairytale with magical trees, dimmed lights, and the scent of freshly baked trdlo on the traditional markets, Filmasia, an Asian-inspired movie festival, makes the entrance with a brand-new program depicting the recent trends and notions of contemporary Asian cinematography.  Filmasia is set to run from December 1, 2022, to December 6, 2022, in artistic cinemas such as Bio Oko, located in the heart of Prague 7, and Lucerna, located in the heart of Prague.  Filmasia: a story behind it  Filmasia has a long story behind its shoulders regarding the cinematography arena of Prague, especially with the pinch of its Asian background. In fact, this is the eighteenth time when Filmasia presents the artworks ofRead more.

Days of European Film (DEF) cooked up a colorful program for Prague citizens by implementing the lost spark of joy and happiness in their busy city lives. The festival will run for four days in various cinematic locations in megapolis from April 6, 2022, to April 10, 2022.  Spectaculars can also catch the DEF in other cities in the Czech Republic, including Ostrava and Brno, later this week. Yet, the fabulous and intriguing performances will be only in Prague, as it is the main character of the festival. It is not a coincidence that other cities are taking part in the Days of European Film. The town participants will compete in the music films and movies debuts.  ‘Music, noises, sounds’…Read more.


Feeling like checking out a movie? We put together a list of our favorite Czech movie recommendations that might tell you quite a bit about the Czech culture or simply gift you with a lovely evening! Kolya (1996) This Czech drama won the Academy Award for the “Best Foreign Language Film” and the Golden Globe Award for the “Best Foreign Language Film.”  Jan Svěrák, a notable director, stands behind the creation of the movie in which his father Zdeněk Svěrák, a well-known script-writer, played one of the main characters. The sequence of events starts in 1988 when the Soviet bloc is beginning to disintegrate. František Louka is an average Czech bachelor who has just lost his job as a concertRead more.