In recent weeks, Prague has turned out to be magical as Christmas decorations fill the city pretty quickly. Whenever you go, you can see Christmas markers with green and fluffy Christmas trees, star decorations, and lots of mulled wine with traditional trdelník.  Most of our followers wondered which Christmas markets they should visit first. Here is our list of must-have markets this year!  Náměstí Míru  On our top-list is the Náměstí Míru Christmas market, which happened to open first, on the 20th of November. It is situated in the heart of Prague 2, in front of the magnificent Gothic Church of St. Ludmila. It operates every day from 9 am to 7 pm until December 24th.  The easiest way to get here isRead more.

A hidden magical cavern in Prague? Yes, pretty much!  If you ever find yourself in the area of Petrin, whether you purposely go there because of this article or if you happen to be strolling through Petrin Park, I recommend a little hunt to find this unique spot. Located in the pit of Petrin Hill is an art gallery which is covered in ivy. There are gargoyles guarding the entrance to this three-storey house which was opened to the public in 2005.  The Magical Cavern is the home of Reon Argondian’s wicked and dynamic paintings – adding up to more than 80 works which includes paintings and sculptures to visually stimulate you. The gallery itself is an art masterpiece. What’sRead more.