The stew season has arrived: it is time to enjoy autumn with an authentic Gulaš on the side. It is a traditional Czech dish with Hungarian roots which gained its popularity through the centuries. Learn about the history of gulaš, its creator, and where you can taste it in Prague!  Gulaš in a nutshell  Traditionally, Gulaš is a stew or a soup that is made from meat (in most cases, it is beef, but there is also a possibility to have pork in it as well) and seasoned vegetables, including fresh paprika and other delicious species. It is served with fulfilling Czech dumplings which are either boiled or steamed. In some restaurants, you can notice that it is served withRead more.


We all know how gorgeous Prague is…so are we really that surprised that many celebrities share this opinion? From famous movies shot here to books written about the Czech Republic, it has quite a lot to offer for artistic and creative individuals. We conducted our research and learned which famous people love the Czech Republic…so much that some of them even decided to spend their forever here. William Fichtner The first famous person who adores Prague is William Fichtner, an American actor. During his visit to the Czech Republic (lasting approximately five months), he filmed the TV series ‘Crossing Lines’ in Prague’s city center. William spent most of his spare time in the city and ultimately fell in love withRead more.

On January 21, 2017 from 12pm to 2pm, a crowd gathered around a podium in Prague’s Wenceslaus Square for the Prague Solidarity Rally with the Women’s March on Washington. Flanked by Czech police standing as silent and statuesque as the monument of St. Wenceslas behind the podium, at least 600 people, according to the Facebook event page, listened and cheered as a plethora of impassioned speakers and translators spoke-side-by-side in English and Czech, and Czech and English. Despite the inauguration of United States President Donald J. Trump the day before, the rally didn’t go as one might have expected, especially in Prague, the protest capitol of the world. Czechs, also known as Bohemians and Moravians in English, have an almostRead more.