I decided last night to ‘self-isolate’ and banished Jan to another room so that I could try to make up for my lack of sleep the night before. He was delighted, as it meant he could stay up until God knows what time watching who knows what on the TV, and it worked for me, to such an extent that I slept right through until 8.00 am and woke up ready to be ‘up and at ‘em!’ Obviously this meant a quick check through social media before getting started, and during my Facebook troll I noticed an advert that has been running for a while for ‘Face Exercises’ – apparently, doing these for five minutes a day will make youRead more.

Unfortunately I had a bit of insomnia last night and was awake, on and off, from about 3.00 am onwards. Part of the reason for it, I think, was that we ate fish last night. Now I might seem very normal…. but when it comes to food I am a bit weird, partly due to my having a lot of allergies, and partly, at the moment, because I am paranoid about getting sick…  That’s not because I am a hypochondriac or because I get sick a lot – I am not and I don’t (touch wood!). But I think one of the stresses that we all have just now is the fear of suddenly having to see a doctor.. IRead more.

Once upon a time in a previous life, before I became serious and tried to be grown-up (although that life is starting to feel like a previous life too), I hung around with musicians… well, one or two in particular who shall remain nameless…. Sadly, in my serious and grown-up life I forgot how much I loved music, singing, dancing, etc, but now I am getting back to remembering how therapeutic they can all be. The first thing that caught my eye this morning during my social media watch, was this link – for the grown-ups amongst you: After that, my thought process went a bit downhill as, as mentioned yesterday, and as suggested by Adam, I decided to putRead more.