The Invisible Exhibition provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for people to trust themselves and their senses while viewing everyday life from a different perspective. Nature provides four senses for visitors: touch, hearing, scent, and balance, but not eyesight. Are you up for a challenge? The exhibition runs throughout December, making it a perfect activity for Christmas.  Invisible Exhibition: The Idea Behind It The idea behind the interactive exhibition is truly inspiring: live the life of a blind person for one hour. During this time, the participant will go around the dark room, test their senses of touch and smell, and try some daily activities.  “It is a unique interactive journey to an invisible world where, in total darkness, you find yourRead more.

Like many musicians in Prague, the impact of the current movement restrictions means a lot less gigging. Many (if not all) have taken to Facebook live and the like to continue their heroic entertainment efforts. This evening, we joined Jamie over a beer. Look out for further live-streams. Thank you Jamie, for the community-spirited effort. No related posts.Read more.

My cousin from Germany was in Prague visiting me for the New Year and I only had three days to show him the best of Prague. On our last night, we were both wandering around Stare Mesto, cold and exhausted from the New Year celebrations the night before, when we stumbled across Sad Man’s Tongue Bar and Bistro. Allured by the ’50s and 60’s pin-up art outside and good music roaring from inside we decided to poke our heads in for a beer. We ended up staying there for a few more pivos, the most scrumptious mouth-watering burger ever (vegetarian roasted pepper portabella burger), and very rad atmosphere and live music. Loes van Schaijk, a musician & songwriter from HollandRead more.