Have you been living in Prague for a while? Are you at that point when you’re starting to run out of new things to do in the city? You’ve spent years avoiding all the overly touristy things, but it seems that now they are the only things left – and hey, why not just give it a chance? That’s where I’m at sometimes (especially on lazy weekends), and I decided to give this black light mini golf a try. Pretty expensive (209 CZK per person) for a glow in the dark golf ball and a club that feels a bit too small for adult humans. However, they have a promotion where you can spend around 60 crowns more and getRead more.

Did you ever want to sit in a tub and bathe in beer? Well, in the Czech Republic, that’s nothing out of the ordinary and you can definitely do it. There are quite a few places in the Czech Republic that offers this, but let’s focus on Prague. One of the most well-known places to bathe in Czech Krušovice® beer is at Spa Beerland Prague (also known as Ceske Pivni Lazne). This place is known to be a beer spa, where there are relaxation rooms and procedures set in place to give you an exclusive experience of being treated by the ingredients in the beer. Once you step inside and agree to the conditions, you are able to have theRead more.