After a lengthy process of discussion whether to make the Czech language exam for foreigners coming to the country and applying for a residence permit or citizenship stricter, the Ministry of Education decided to increase the necessary Czech language level from A1 to A2. Expats coming to the Czech Republic for a long time will therefore need to have a higher knowledge of the Czech language. Expats coming from non-EU countries will have to pass this exam if they want to apply for a permanent residence permit or Czech citizenship. The residence permit brings many advantages to its owners, such as social benefits or the suffrage and other rights equivalent to the rights of Czech citizens. However, it will beRead more.

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So. You’ve been living in the Czech Republic for five or ten years and, with 2021 fast approaching, you’re on your way to another anniversary of life abroad and wondering if you might be eligible for citizenship. The good news is: You are eligible! The not so good news is that they aren’t going to make it easy on you.  Learning The Language Most expats who live here quickly find that fluency in the Czech language, while most appreciated by locals, is not necessarily a requirement for life here. Like so many other European countries, one can absolutely get by with only a basic understanding of the language as many Czech’s speak fluent English. Knowing a few words like, forRead more.

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Have you or anyone you know had to seek out legal advice while living in the Czech Republic? Maybe you’re having issues getting your Visa sorted. Maybe you moved here for a relationship that dissolved and you need help initiating divorce proceedings. Maybe you want to start a brick and mortar business here in Prague and need help making sense of all of the necessary paperwork and filings. Or maybe you rented a flat from someone who you feel is being… a little bit tricky with contracts. Whatever the case may be, finding legal representation can be a difficult process no matter where you live in the world. Lawyers seem to speak another language and the issue can be compoundedRead more.