Another day, another national holiday—that’s the motto we love! On July 6, Czechs celebrate one of the most controversial priests in their history – Jan Hus.  Let’s discover the faith of Jan Hus and if he has anything to do with geese.  Who is Jan Hus?  The timeline takes us to the early 15th century—the time when Jan Hus made some noise in the church structure and its approaches to spirituality. Quite a controversial yet brave action, assuming the Middle Ages period.  Jan Hus was a Czech theologian and philosopher who later became a church reformer and an inspiration for the Hussitism movement, the predecessor of Protestantism. People remember him for his fundamental teachings and influence on the Bohemian religiousRead more.


By: Ariston PR The last August weekend at the Exhibition Grounds in Holesovice will feature music, sports, and food. Visitors can enjoy parkour shows, try some fantastic ice cream at the Prague Ice Cream festival, or finish the summer well at one of the musical events. „We are going to have a busy schedule on the last holiday weekend, which will be full of music, fun, great food and drinks. Families with children and teenagers will enjoy a parkour show, enthusiasts can try some of the parkour tricks themselves. We will also host a traditional Ice Cream Feast outside the Industrial Palace on Sunday, the Prague Ice Cream Festival, where visitors can taste, among others, roasted popsicles,” invites Tomáš Hübl,Read more.