The last member of the famous Premyslid dynasty to rule Bohemia was Wenceslas (Vaclav) III. His mysterious death has given rise to many theories. Wenceslas was born in Prague on October 6, 1289. He was one of ten children, and the only male to survive childhood. His parents were Wenceslas II and Judith of Habsburg. When he was only 8 years old, Wenceslas was betrothed to Elizabeth of Hungary, the only child of Andrew III of Hungary. Conflict over the Hungarian throne began less than three years later. Andrew III died on January 14, 1301, and, as he had no male heir, Charles of Anjou hurried to Hungary to have himself crowned king. (Charles’s claim to the throne was thatRead more.

The Hussite Wars had a lasting effect on Bohemia and the surrounding area, not least of which was the succession to the throne. King Wenceslas (Vaclav) IV died in 1419, leaving the throne open. As Wenceslas had no children, his brother Sigismund, King of Hungary, King of Croatia, and King of the Romans, claimed the throne. The Bohemians, however, were still outraged that Jan Hus, the leader of the Hussites, had been guaranteed safe passage to the Council of Constance by Sigismund, only to be tried as a heretic and burned at the stake in 1415. (In all fairness to Sigismund, he was not in Constance when Hus was executed, and he protested when the reformer was imprisoned.) Given thatRead more.