Say you’re at the popular Pražská tržnice in Holešovice and you need to get to Karlín. You can see it right across the river. Unfortunately, there isn’t a bridge in sight. The journey could take you up to half an hour by traditional public transport, depending on the time of day, or around 45 minutes to walk a few kilometers even though your destination is just a stone’s throw away. Thankfully, Prague’s Department of Public Transportation came up with a well-received solution a couple of years back: a 5-minute ferry ride that brings passengers from the banks of Prague 7 to Prague 8, and vice versa. The ferry doesn’t run during the winter months, but due to popular demand itRead more.

Zizkov tunnel is a pretty interesting find if you haven’t heard or known about it before. This tunnel connects the two districts of Zizkov and Karlin. Although it may seem sketchy to enter at first, don’t sweat it. The tunnel is about 300 meters long and depending on where you live, it can be faster to just walk through the tunnel than to catch the metro between these two areas. This is a pedestrian and bike-only tunnel. You won’t have to worry about dodging cars – maybe just segways and skateboards.  Once you exit the Karlin side, there are a bunch of nice restaurants, pubs, cafes and offices. It’s a bustling neighbourhood and district to walk around if you have time.Read more.