Karlín Coffee Festival offers the one and only remedy for coffee addicts: an event full of caffeine and warm memories. The festival starts on a lazy Sunday (September 18, 2022) and will last till the last roast of the coffee. Undoubtedly, the coffee smell will be your wake-up call this day!  What is the Karlín Coffee Festival?  Karlín Coffee Festival is a place that unites people with one vulnerability—the love for coffee. At the festival, you can smell not love but coffee in the air as multiple venues and gurus will gather together in  Karlínské náměstí to show off their best coffee-infused drinks.  Hot cappuccinos and lattes will have a battle with cold brews and iced americanos. Both versions willRead more.


Kasárna Karlín is a perfect place for summer community activities. There is a cafe, a bar with live music, a sauna and a gallery with local art. However, the most popular reason to visit Kasárna is the outdoor cinema. Expats and hipsters all across Prague are waiting for the summer to come, so they can spend time watching a movie with a glass of the favorite beer in the evening. This time Kasárna Karlín will screen the popular films of the American cinematography. Some of the screenings are made in partnership with the American Center. The August schedule begins with last years’ breakthrough Midsommar. It’s a horror story about American students who decide to follow their friend to Sweden toRead more.

Beer Garden Karlín

Well. Here we are. It’s mid-May and the virus has stolen most of the spring from us save for socially distanced walks or bike rides in the park… but the Czech Republic has managed to keep the number of people affected by the pandemic relatively small and so, with the world watching, the government has decided to slowly re-open the country (see our previous article on specific dates here and, fortunately, we can take advantage of the gorgeous summer weather! After losing the Beer Garden at Riegrovy Sady, many locals were left wondering if a new player would step in and create a fresh space where we could hang out while enjoying some good food and a frosty mug ofRead more.